About Me

I'm a junior studying Computer Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology (threads: devices & intelegence) You can always find me learning new things at hackathons, robotics, or with my personal projects.

Contact Details

Sam Roquitte
[email protected]


Georgia Institute of Technology

Student 2018-Present

Candidate for Bachelors of Science in Computer Science (threads: devices & intelegence).

Relevant courses: Data Structures and Algorithms, Computer Organization and Programming, Systems and Networks, Intro to Artificial Intelligence, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Linear Algebra, Discrete Math, Objects and Design


Georgia Tech College of Computing

Systems and Networks Teaching Assistant Fall 2019, Spring 2020

Head Teaching Assistant Fall 2020

One of 14 undergraduate teaching assistants teaching weekly recitations. Our class teaches students about processors, multithreading, networking, and processor scheduling through circuit simulation and C programming projects. As a TA, I hold 3-7 office hours per week where students can come and get help on projects and homework.


Software Developer Intern - Rescinded due to COVID-19 Summer 2020


Software Developer Intern Summer 2019 & 2020

Worked with another developer to build out the company's MVP webapp (React + Mobx). I built out many different features including user profile, organization service, superadmin user management pages, signup workflow. These features helped eCIO market and onboard their first fee paying clients.


Software Developer Intern Summer 2017 & 2018

While there, I learned about Node.js and was introduced to non-blocking io. During my first internship, I worked on the company's Slack bot which communicates vital information from the servers to the development team using AWS API. In 2018, I got the opportunity to work on the webapp which allowed me to learn about Angular and other front end frameworks. Through these two summers, I was also exposed to the agile development model.


Languages: Java C Python Javascript HTML PHP

Web: NodeJS React MongoDB MySQL Redis NGINX

Platforms & Networking: Ubuntu, Debian Docker Git DNS & SSL