About Me

I'm a junior studying Computer Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology (threads: devices & intelligence). I really enjoy attending hackathons, electric skateboarding, and am a big sneakerhead!

Contact Details

Sam Roquitte
[email protected]


Georgia Institute of Technology

Student 2018-Present

Candidate for Bachelors of Science in Computer Science (threads: devices & intelligence).

Relevant courses: Junior Design, Game AI, Robotics & Perception, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Computer Organization and Programming, Systems and Networks, Intro to Artificial Intelligence, Data Structures & Algorithms, Linear Algebra, Discrete Math, Objects and Design, Digital Design Lab


Georgia Tech College of Computing

Systems and Networks Teaching Assistant Fall 2019, Spring 2020

Head Teaching Assistant Fall 2020

  • Met weekly with professor to recommend homework and review TA performance
  • Responsible for hiring and supervising 18 undergraduate Teaching Assistants
  • Led teams to build new automatic grading tools for all projects and homework assignments
  • Held weekly team meetings to delegate tasks and assign grading
  • Conducted individual TA meetings to assist with personal growth and provide feedback


Software Developer Intern - Rescinded due to COVID-19 Summer 2020


Software Developer Intern Summer 2019 & 2020

  • One of two developers charged with building a client facing investment portfolio management system (myecio.com)
  • Reduced average app load time from 760ms to 106ms by implementing a proxy endpoint in the backend service
  • Refactored events lambda function into a backend service for increased versatility
  • Built an iCAL service to allow users to load events from eCIO into their own calendar
  • Designed a backend service to store client information, members, financial records, and sensitive organization documents


Software Developer Intern Summer 2017 & 2018

  • Reduced bug fix turnaround time by adding server crash and error reporting to a Slack bot using AWS CodeDeploy SDK
  • Improved consumer value by adding a new building statistics page that summarizes analytics to improve efficiency


Languages: Java C Python Javascript HTML PHP

Web: NodeJS React NGINX AWS Appsync Firebase

Databases & APIs: GraphQL DynamoDB MongoDB MySQL Redis

Platforms & Networking: Ubuntu, Debian Docker Git DNS & SSL