About Me

I grew up in Madison Wisconsin and was the co-president of the high school robotics team as well as the lead payload engineer for the rocketry club. After high school, I studied Computer Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology and graduated in the Spring of 2022. While there, I was a teaching assistant for the Systems and Networks course for two semesters and the head teaching assistant for three semesters. In my final semester, I worked in the Space System Design lab to build infrastructure that connected our ground stations and allowed for remote access from our Mission Operations Center. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, electric skateboarding, gardening, bonsai, hobbiest electronics, and am a big sneakerhead!

Contact Details

Sam Roquitte
Seattle, WA
[email protected]


Georgia Institute of Technology

Student 2018-2022

Bachelors of Science in Computer Science (threads: devices & intelligence)
Honors: summa cum laude


Blue Origin

Software Engineer I, Embedded Software Feb 2023 - Present

  • Led system-level implementation of loss of communication function to enable integrated tanking tests
  • Took ownership of integrating a new hardware component including writing C++ IO device drivers
  • Responsible for integrating autonomy models for each release & ensuring proper sensor/actuator mappings
  • Prototyped CBIT implementations to continuously verify that devices are working properly, wrote unit tests for PIL
  • Fixed cmake & linker errors on a new project allowing team to build binaries to test with
  • Tested key embedded controller functionality in HIL lab to verify requirements are being met


Software Engineer I, Site Reliability Engineering July 2022 - Nov 2022 (layoff)

  • Replaced a high-toil system with a system that includes tests, CI pipeline, better monitoring (statsd, Graphite, Grafana), alerting, and documentation. Reduced production errors in this service by 26%
  • Investigated multiple infrastructure models, collected feedback from team to choose the best solution
  • Upgraded tool built by a Tech Lead to be production ready (tests, CI, secrets in AWS for scalability)
  • Joined another team's on-call rotation to support while staffing issues were present, tuned alerts to reduce load
  • Tuned alerts and monitoring to identify availability issues with a third party metrics tool
  • Affected as part of November 2022 layoff

Georgia Tech Space System Design Lab

Research Assistant, Ground Station Operations Spring 2022

  • Designed architecture and wrote software to connect three ground stations on campus to the mission operations center
  • Software written in Python with ZMQ for message transport
  • Prior to this update, someone needed to be physically at the ground station to downlink or uplink packets to/from a sattelite
  • Assisted with operations for two cubesat missions

Georgia Tech CS2200 Systems and Networking

Head Teaching Assistant Fall 2020, Spring 2021, Fall 2021

Teaching Assistant Fall 2019, Spring 2020

  • Built automated grading tools in Python which modify & run student code and then examine the internal processor state to ensure correct execution occurred. Provided students instant, valuable feedback and saved grading time
  • Designed new projects to teach students about system architecture and networking concepts (C, assembly)
  • Restructured team leadership, adding two lead positions, resulting in fewer errors in projects and homeworks
  • Hired new teaching assistants each semester and managed 18 through the semester
  • Conducted individual meetings with each TA to assist with personal growth and provide feedback


Software Developer Intern Summer 2021

  • Built a new live status monitoring service to track third party outages and performance issues and display them for the mortgage operations teams
  • Resulted in fewer messages from mortgage operations which previously made engineers stop work throughout the day to reply
  • Used AppSync with DynamoDB to allow for live updates on the page (no need to refresh for updated data)
    • Lays the groundwork for future projects that will be using these technologies


Software Developer Intern Summer 2019 & 2020

  • One of two developers charged with building a client facing investment portfolio management system (myecio.com)
  • Reduced average app load time from 760ms to 106ms by implementing a proxy endpoint in the backend service
  • Refactored events lambda function into a backend service for increased versatility
  • Built an iCAL service to allow users to load events from eCIO into their own calendar
  • Designed a backend service to store client information, members, financial records, and sensitive organization documents


Java C C++ Python Bash/zsh CMake

Javascript NodeJS HTML CSS React

MongoDB MySQL GraphQL Redis NGINX Apache AWS Appsync AWS DynamoDB

Ubuntu Debian RHEL Terraform Jenkins Docker Kubernetes